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News: Dance

Manchester has a vibrant and varied professional dance scene, very largely performed at The Lowry.

Danish Dance Theatre was on its first visit to Britain and made you wonder why we’ve never seen them before. Their triple bill (all by its British boss, Tim Rushton) was thought-provoking, original and fun.

And Richard Alston’s company included some of the most gifted of our own contemporary dancers, in both his own flowing choreography and a powerful piece by Martin Lawrance.

Carlos Acosta was a huge draw. Seeing the most famous male ballet dancer of our day was again an outstanding experience for many.

But for a show that had absolutely everything you really could not beat David Bintley’s new production of Cinderella, seen at The Lowry (as well as on TV at Christmas 2010 and 2011). There really was no competition from the first day this hit the stage.

It sparkled, it thrilled, it entranced, it amused – and found depths in the story few choreographers have glimpsed before, with the tale of Cinders and her sisters not just a pantomime story but of a real girl struggling against mistreatment. It is undoubtedly a classic and wins the award.

Robert Beale
14 March 2012

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